January 23, 2008
By kilsi rodriguez, Ridgewood, NY

“Bottom of the 9th...2 outs...runner on 1st.”
You could feel the tension growing within the stadium.
The first pitch is thrown and the crowd goes wild.
“Curve ball on the left hand corner”
I gave you my heart and you gave yours to her
“Strike One!”
“Sinker on the right corner”
You let me walk Out On you and changed your heart
“Strike two!”
Now your standing Over home plate
Watching her the pitcher and watching me on first
Afraid to strike Out, waiting for that fastball right down the middle
Waiting for a pitch that's never coming
I see the fear in your eyes, so just for you I steal 2nd
As I run...dirt beaten in my face and clean air seeming harder to take in
I Saw her, the pitcher; threw reflections of your eyes
Then, I saw you swing
“Strike 3!”
“We're Out"
She fooled you with her Breaking ball

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