January 23, 2008
The tears flow down my face slowly and painlessly.
And the memories wear me down like erosion.
My eyeliner runs down my cheeks too.
You’re a part of me, you’re another portion.

You decided to walk away from what we had.
Will you live with the fact that you’ve hurt me?
You tore my heart and threw it on the floor.
And you left it for everyone to see.

But you don’t know what pain feels like,
I’ve never hurt you or left you poor.
You’ve crushed my soul so deep.
Just go and step on my heart some more.

Sometimes I can’t even feel the pain.
Only the shame eats me from within.
I feel so stupid for falling in love.
To me it’s an unforgivable sin.

I lie on the floor and painlessly I weep.
Right now happiness is something I cannot pursue.
My hair lies wet with the tears that I’ve cried.
You took me apart and you tore me in two.

The warmth of the body next to me is a memory.
Its embedded in my thoughts and it’s aimless.
The memories grow like metamorphosis,
And I learned that nothing bad can ever be painless.

The cold floor numbs the pain unhurriedly,
It gives me more time to remember.
Remember the past and never forget.
I give up my strength, I surrender.

The broken picture frame is quiet.
It sits there broken in pieces.
It reminds me of myself in your arms.
The memories come again and the pain decreases.

I wish I had the strength to tear it.
And get rid of my past altogether.
But as much as I try and fail,
It will last with me forever.

I lie on the ground and I’m quiet.
The pain hurts less and less.
I want it to hurt me slowly.
But it still remains painless.

The heartaches drag on and continue.
I can’t find enough strength to heal.
The wounds open up again,
But still no pain I feel.

Your coat still hangs in my closet.
All I can think about is us being together.
And your scent is still in my bed.
The numbness continues and it takes over.

The ring on my hand is worthless to me.
When it shines is reminds me of your eyes.
The reflection this time is different,
Because in the silence, even a diamond cries.

My soul crumbles and it’s frozen cold.
I don’t want anything but the pain back.
Just bring back the pain and let it stay
Because it reminds me of your heart that’s black.

I can no longer say I’m hurt,
Because deep down, I’m only broken.
You broke me into pieces,
And left no words to be spoken.

My tears are like waterfalls; flowing.
I’m so lost without you, and I take that blame.
No time can ever heal these wounds,
Just get rid of my misery and bring the pain.

You should’ve known I was this fragile.
How could you play with my heart like so?
It reminds me of what I thought before.
There is never enough knowledge to be known.

You never showed me your love.
I shared with you all I could, I confessed.
All I want is for it to just end.
But still it continues to remain painless

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