Bad Memories

January 23, 2008
All the noise, the shouting, the yelling, the screaming,
All the time my head is steaming.
Do this, do that, you boss me around
You make me feel like a cowardly clown.
I go to my room and thrust my blanket over me
Just go, just go, just let me be!
Laugh for once, I’m feeling fine
You always have to ruin this shine.
Tonight I’ll be crying myself to sleep
I’ll be weeping and weeping until I fall asleep.
Tomorrow I’ll be expecting you
you and your crew,
I’ll also expect you to make me feel blue.

Beautiful Toad

You just sat there staring up at me
Pleading and pleading, never letting me be.
Filthy Beast was your name at first,
From then on, everything just got worse.
I stared out my window thinking of you
You stuck onto me like permanent glue.
You were kind, a crybaby, and really loud,
You tried so hard, but you were never allowed.
Five months later, you died on a Sunday.
I rushed to church and thought of you as I prayed.
You were buried in a forest far away from me
I pleaded for you, never letting you be.
I’m sorry for betraying you
I’ll now look from both sides of view
Because I’ve learned a big lesson from you.

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luckylucy said...
Aug. 31, 2008 at 12:20 am
Wow! It's very emotional, and make me think back to my own time. Good work!
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