April 29, 2011
By ehascher BRONZE, Michigan
ehascher BRONZE, Michigan
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What is this word?
What does it mean?
Slow down there,
Don’t be so keen.

They provide safety
To tortises everywhere
They shield them from danger
And are easy to wear.

But just you wait,
That’s not all,
This word can be an animal
That likes to crawl.

They eat grass
They live on land
They’re usually green
You can find them in the sand

Now my friend
I hope you know
There’s more to some words
Than there may show.

The author's comments:
I like turtles. I like writing about turtles. I like thinking about turtles. I dream about turtles. I had to write a poem, so I decided to write about a turtle. And no, this word does not have a bad meaning. It's about turtles. Get real.

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