Life of a Champion

April 29, 2011
By Tyrome Brown BRONZE, Headland, Alabama
Tyrome Brown BRONZE, Headland, Alabama
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Life of a Champion
Fight, determination, dedication, and preparation are the elements that make up the air that I breathe.
Blood, sweat, and tears are the products that are produced through this process called HARD WORK.
There are many who want to witness, but only a few are willing to sacrifice.
This sacrifice calls for your heart, your mind, your body, your soul.
I believe this is the reason why I bleed blue and gold.
In this game that I play, there are no days off.
365 days of training and preparation.
100 yard sprints while the sun heats up the earth passed 100 degrees.
Spending countless and efficient minutes in the weight room.
Colliding helmets while doing board drills.
Working on pressure defense and taking multiple shots from the free throw line.
Working on ball placement.
Diving in the dirt to get that hard hit ball going through the gap.
Rep after rep! After rep! After rep!
I’m married to the game. This is my Lifestyle.
The type of lifestyle where only the strong-willed survives.
Doing all these things just for the feeling you get before kickoff.
Just for the feeling you get before tip-off.
Just for the feeling you get before the first pitch.
I play this game with the people I trust. I respect. I love.
Pushing myself to go that extra mile. Giving my all every time I step across those white lines.
My team. My family. ALL IN.
Striving towards one common goal. To WIN!
Fighting through adversity and hardships. Never Quitting.
Having that never satisfied attitude. Always in the pursuit to perfection.
Just straight up domination.
Focus. Intensity. Effort.
That great pass, that great catch, that big hit, that great pitch, that RBI, that home run.
That line drive to the opposite field, that stolen base, that hole in one, that kill, that amazing dig.
That squeeze bunt in the bottom of the seventh with two outs.
That shut-down defense stopping a 4th down conversion in the 4th quarter.
That game winning shot.
All those cuts, those scrapes, those bruises, those strawberries, those burns, those broken bones.
Blue, White, and Gold.
Having the Heart of a Champion, the Mind of a Mad Man, and still Humble as a Dove.
This is Ram Pride.

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