Educator of the year

April 29, 2011
By Anonymous

Usually school and some teachers are boring. But sometimes there is that one teacher that you look forward to going to class to see. This teacher is the coolest and funniest teacher that you think is the best. The teacher I’m thinking of is Mr. O. I think he is the best because he is funny, he can be serious, and he is a good lecturer.

I think he is funny because he jokes around with everyone. He also makes jokes about students who make jokes about him or mess with him too. He is also funny because when he teaches the lessons, he makes it fun by making everyone laugh, and we have a fun time in his class.

He can be serious too. When we talk about important things, he is very firm about how important it is to us. Another reason why he is serious is when hew talks about political issues concerning major events. He also gets serious if someone offends him or says the wrong thing.

Mr. O is a good lecturer. He is a good lecturer because when he talks about our lessons he gives out good information. If you listen to him and what he has to say, you will probably get good grades on tests and quizzes. Another thing is you would also want him to talk about it so you wouldn’t have to read it, all you would have to do is listen and you will pass in his class.

So remember, there are teachers that are just there to teach academics and make students learn. But there are also the teachers that you like and can’t wait to see when you have their class. School can be fun, but it can only be really fun with cool teachers like Mr. O.

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