January 24, 2008
By Emma Kebler, Portland, MI

So many things can happen in the blink of an eye,
You can see a new life or see another die.
You may think that you will miss nothing,
But let me tell you that I know something.

I know that many things can come and go,
That times can change as we all grow.
It’s ever so seldom we can recognize,
The changes that occur in the seconds of our lives.

One tiny second that you look away,
Can turn into hours and then to days.
These days turn to months and then to years,
We forget to stop and see those things we hold so dear.
So make it clear as a crystal and as sharp as a knife,
The changes that occur in the seconds of your life.

If we look at our life and where we are,
We’ll see where we’re going and go very far.
You can learn from all the times where you went wrong,
Because before you know it the time is gone.
Make each moment count like it’s the last,
The changes in the seconds of your life are so fast.

Be proud of each decision you choose,
Or you may end up wounded with a terrible bruise.
Don’t look away and don’t miss out,
These are the times to not blink without a doubt.
Cherish each moment that you are alive,
So you may see the changes in the seconds of your life.

Not even one second should you turn your head,
You will surely miss out, this I dread.
I hope you can stray away from all your strife,
To see for yourself the changes in your life.
The change that occur in the seconds of your life.

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