When I was with You

January 24, 2008
By Amber Meyers, Portland, MI

When I was with you,
It seemed like the time flew,
Everything that was going on,
All appeared to be gone,
When I was with you.

You always knew,
What you wanted to do,
And how we used to love,
Looking at the stars above,
When I was with you.

We would run through the morning dew,
Just to see the view,
The look on my face,
Made you think of space,
When I was with you.

You wondered if it could be true,
If it was just us two,
In a place where nobody was around,
To make you frown,
When I was with you.

The woods we would go through,
To get to the river so blue,
How we loved the fresh air,
That would always take us there,
When I was with you.

I still remember who,
Told me it was true,
And the nights I cry,
I wish I could have said goodbye,
When I was with you.

The times that were just us two,
Will stick to me like glue,
You are in a better place,
Although nothing can replace,
When I was with you.

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