The Man

January 24, 2008
By Maria Parisot, Calumet, MI

His eyes are so loving, his voice is most kind.
Who is this guy, his name I must find.
His hands feel soft as he caresses my cheek.
He holds me in his arms for my body’s too weak.
Who is this man, I have to know.
Why is he here with me treating me so?
He isn’t that tall, but taller than me.
For I am, after all, only a baby.
Where am I, what is this place?
Am I out somewhere in outer space?
I hear people talking, it doesn’t make sense.
Why do I feel like I’m surrounded by a big fence?
Strange sounds begin to fill my ears
With many visions full of fear.
I cannot stand it, I begin to cry.
But then he comforts me with a lullaby.
Who is this man, I still don’t know.
Why can’t I just let him go?
There’s something about him that I just don’t get,
Why is his face something I can’t easily forget?
Even with all my fussing, he’s still always there.
This man really must truly care.
Then I hear a word I’ve never heard before.
It’s about the man whom I really adore.
Now that I know it, I’m very glad,
For I know now that he is my dad!

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