Indescribable Lives:

January 24, 2008
Sometimes the paper seems too crowded,
White is the wrong color,
the lines are spaced too wide,
sometimes paper isn't the right backing
for the words that make a picture,
for the feelings that describe,
for the letter that tell a story,
for the lines that speak rhymes.
Sometimes a certain feeling
is impossible to translate into words,
too special, too bored, too common,
too different,
One thought, too personal, one sentence
would only look right against brick,
look good with tiny, inked, purple flowers.
-would only be understandable scratched,
into the elderly bark of a tree.
Sometimes, people can talk,
without ever parting lips,
a lesson can be learned,
with a single open eye,
One life can be over, in the second it takes for a new one to begin.
Sometimes things don't go together,
lacking structure or room,
and other things,
seem to belong together,
and never become a pair.
you have to be a poet,
to read a poet's pictures,
you have to be an artist,
to praise a piece of work,
an adolescent,
to understand the ways of a child.
you have to leave with unanswered questions because there are that many in the world,
have an answer with no reason,
no explanation at all,
life will throw at you,
shapes with unknown areas,
perimeters that can't be solve,
and you'll still have to move forward,
gritting, groaning, eventually growing
-failing a test every now and then,
smiling for every great achievment,
and at the end,
maybe you'll still have questions,
surely you'll have regrets.
problems are created just to puzzle your mind,
things are taken away from you,
to wash your eyes with the tears you cry.
Words are tender, so close to heart,
but truly don't make our time here easier- the biggest things,
they don't explain how to dance,
with the elegance of a velvet chair,
don't tell how to step forward,
with the courage of a brandished sword,
don't tell you how to enjoy the world,
with the intelligence of a dictionary,
with the eye of a character in a book,
the appreciativeness of an oak tree.
You'll want so badly to give up,
and you'll hope and pray with all your might, And you'll wonder.
Those people who say life is hard-
Don't listen to them!
They don't know.
Maybe someone out there had it easy.
It's different for everyone,
so unexpected, so different, so unpredictable, so indescribable, our lives.
They are.

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