the bombs are exploding the bullets have been released

January 24, 2008
By Briana Ramon, Warden, WA

the bombs are exploding the bullets have been released
the day of war in Budapest is here, all the talking has ceased
air smells like fire this basement reeks of flesh
all of us hidden awaiting for this battle to rest
we have been down here for months, have not eaten in days
our nightmares filled with the swastika flag raised
i try to imagine a place that is safe
but every where is drenched in Jewish hate
pretending to be elsewhere pretending to be brave
we wear our stars of david proudly, though there danger is grave
the fighting is above us everyone sobs
all of us young have our childhood robbed
elders weep too, for they are also not strong
what is wrong with our faith? our religion is not wrong
this man named Hitler, has ruined our lives
so many already lost, men, children and wives
who is he to say what is incorrect or right?
we believe he is a coward and his only way out was to fight

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