What does love hurt so much?

January 24, 2008
By Kendra Campanello, Nashua, NH

why is it always her?
she is always getting hurt,
but she doesn't understand why.
Everytime she finds love it slips away,
it feels like her heart is shattered into pieces.
She sits on her bed, her head into her pillow, Looking up to heaven asking god why?
Wht is it always her?
She wonders why god made her the way she is.
The days pass as memories repeat in her mind, she cant go on like this unless he shows her that he cares.
It feels as if it is about to come to an end, but in her mind she doesnt want to see it fade away.
At the same time she doesnt want to see it get it out of control. She looks outside the window as birds fly by, how she wishes she could be that free from the pain that god has given her.
she feels as if she has broken a promise and that true love is really not there as she thought it was.
3 weeks pass as she finds out she is moving on, so he tells her the truth as she is walking out the door.
he drops on his knees telling her it was the looks that made him stay.
she walks out the door with tearful eyes, telling herself "shes now free."
As she walks away in the pouring rain, she looks into the cloudy gray sky and asks god "why"?

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