Nearly a year ago

January 25, 2008
Nearly a year ago
You were mine
What happened with us?
What happened with time?

We were so young
But so in love
You were my angel
Sent form above

But the angels decided
For you to let me go
I was such a cow
And without you I didn’t know how

How much it hurt
I didn’t realise it
Now I wanna go back
Replay every bit

I still think there is something there
There is still an us
That song it still ours
Our parents are still sus

I hope we will get there someday
Find happiness with each other again
For now ill keep my distance
Pretend I don’t love you to ease the pain

So whenever you need me
Or whenever you feel the same
Just call and ill be there
Cause I love you and that is something that will never change

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