The Black Rider

January 24, 2008
By MIkayla Dunford BRONZE, Lehi, Utah
MIkayla Dunford BRONZE, Lehi, Utah
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What if the one who broke your heart was the only one who could fix it?

In the silent hush of night he rides,
In the forbidding shadows he hides.
He cries out like a wounded dog,
But finds nothing through the fog.

No longer does he hear her voice,
No longer shall he rejoice.
He searches and seeks, but cannot find,
His torment rages through his mind.

Though she is gone, he remains,
His love keeping him here, like iron chains.
Her spirit haunts him, forever more,
Striking him down to the very core.

His heart has gone, replaced by stone,
He only can forever moan.
Revenge has replaced his once sane mind,
His hatred and love has intertwined.

Now he rides through hills and valleys,
Others to do his bidding he rallies.
To ruin those who stole his heart,
His rage burns like a fiery dart.

He is the black rider mounted on a black steed,
Only her love, does he need.
No feelings left for human kind,
Only insanity that renders him blind.

So into the hush of the night he rides
And into the forbidding shadows he hides
Searching into the fog
he rides, he rides...

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