An Unhealed Wound

April 25, 2011
By Anonymous

All it does is leave you, bleeding from a wound;
A wound that will never heal.
It'll give you an empty feeling that will never feel.
A cut to your wrist,
A scar in your future - is it worth it.
A pain in your soul; a child of depression, this child who'll never smile.
Suicidal teenage years, your mother so upset - what happened?
Your crooked grin and distraught thoughts,
A different life, what went wrong?
It'll never be the same.
A fallen dream and a bunt out flame, your light's dimming into the distance.
Push the blade and hope it works;
Shed the blood but what's it cause?
Is it all, really worth it?
Remember this, it happened once and you're okay.
Was it really worth it?
Grasp the pain and face the truth,
This will always be, an unhealed wound.

The author's comments:
People come and go in our lives and sometimes, we're lucky enough to find that one friend you can call a true, Best Friend. With mine in a deep depression and a fear of suicide, she inspired me to write this, knowing that I was the only one she trusted. I was the only one that could save her. Thank goodness, she is here, relying on me to be the one she can cry on...for me to be the brother I am.

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