False Nirvana

April 14, 2011
By Anonymous

A Girl.
A beautiful, young Girl.
Locks of soft hair fall perfectly onto Her shoulders
Locks radiant like the sun’s warming rays
Eyes like two shining liquid diamonds reflecting Her very emotion;
A Girl with a pair of lips carved ever so delicately.
Bold and soft.
Smooth, flawless, radiant skin.
Gorgeous. Undeniably gorgeous.
A nameless beauty,
Shines in all Her glorious perfection.
Envy is what others feel towards Her; to reach Her impossible level
With a sweet, caressing laugh,
An adorable smile,
And an undying perfection.
Only…She doesn’t exist.
The strive to be Her is pointless.
Her appearance changes with the time and trends
Imperfection is true and naturally beautiful,
While perfection chains you to cruel illusion of true beauty
That seems so close, but oh so far away.
Remember, your nirvana is not her, your nirvana is You.

The author's comments:
To all those girls to strive to be her...

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