January 25, 2008
Shes tearing my family apart,
Slowly and silently but I know it's happening,
It started on Easter my dad was all alone,
Next it was Christmas then he was at home,
I told my mom it wasn't fair,
She just acted like she didn't care.
She said she had always wanted it that way,
But I know she never has.
It hurts me to picture my dad all alone,
sitting there with none of his kids to hold.
She's trying to separate us,
It will never work,
I'm too close to my dad for it to work.
She acts like he's the bad guy,
making up all these lies,
Maybe he's the right one,
maybe it's her who is the bad guy.
When I'm at school I get away from her,
I hate to go home and have her yell and yell,
she is like a heart crusher,
no, she is a heart crusher.
my head is gonna explode if shes here another year,
It seems like the door is saying, “come out here!”
She has hatred in her eyes,
Every time I hear her coming I want to lay down and cry.
But I have to stay strong,
I don't show fear,
she doesn't let my dad come in,
he's not allowed to come over unannounced she said,
but I'm not allowed to say a word,
I know it hurts him inside,
but he also stays strong and does not let it show,
Because fear is the enemy,
she may never let me go

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