Forget the past

January 25, 2008
By Tessa Eihausen, Park City, UT

Forget the past
I’ll do the same
Forget the scars
Both real and fake
That we’ve given each other
I’ll forget my jealousy
If you forget your rage
I won’t recall the blood
If you forget the pain
We can forget all our afflictions
And the marks that they have left
I never want us to be like that again
I don’t want to be next to you for the last time
On a gurney
Bleeding to death
I want to forget the knives
The safety pins
The scissors
I want our misery to be over
I don’t want to be sick
I want you to be my medicine
My cure
My magic elixir
I want to be your best friend
But I also want something more
I want to touch you
To feel your skin and lips on mine
I want to see you
As I’ve never seen before
I want to feel and love you
For real this time.
Now you know what I want
But what do you wish?
Do you wish for me, too?
Or do you want for her?
Can we be?
Or would you prefer her?
Do you love me?
Or do you want her?
Can we cure our cuts together?
Or will you just make more
With her?

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