January 25, 2008
Her face is the clouds,
you see it wherever you go,
it's always with you.

The sun is your heart,
burning out as the moon blocks you from her.

Her hair is beautiful,
just like her face and everything to do with her.

You hate everything she does,
everything she says,
but you're just avoiding the fact that you love her.

You think of other girls,
but you know she's the only one.

Your heart says yes,
your brain says no.

You want to spend every second with her,
'till the end of time,
because you know she's the only one for you.

Your love is so powerful
You ignore the fact that it won't last forever,
you ignore the fact that you messed up.

Your love for her is like air,
you know it's there but you don't realize it.

You're in love.

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