Christ is the Fact

January 25, 2008
By grant kendrick, Alpharetta, GA

Christ is the Fact of facts, the Bible’s Theme.
Who stands alone, august, unique, supreme.

The Man of pain, who feels all human pain,
And slakes the thirst, and turns all loss to gain.

He is the God, all light from Him doth gleam.
He is the Man of men, beyond all dream.

He is the God of love, all love Divine.
He is the hand of power, all strength sublime.

From Him all things come forth. In Him consists
To Him all tend. And all by Him subsist.

The Book, it speaks of Him, the Christ reveals.
The eyes that close to Him, all Truth conceals.

He is the Gospel’s Theme. He died for all.
His death alone can free from sin’s enthrall.

His resurrection life, the might of might.
His reign within the soul, the life of right.

His peace within the heart, the calm of love.
His joy untold, the thrill from realms above.

The Spirit came, the outcome of His death.
The power of God, His Grace and living breath.

He’s all! The visibility of God.
And we sing of Him, and onward plod.

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