The Present

April 10, 2011
By chipsandguacamollie SILVER, Parker, Colorado
chipsandguacamollie SILVER, Parker, Colorado
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"Knowledge is a polite word for dead but not buried imagination." - E. E. Cummings

“I have a present for you”
Used to mean,
“I missed you, I love you,
I’ve come back now, you see?”
It meant three days
Of separation so hard
That shopping for me
Made the distance less far.

“I have a present for you”
Now only means,
“I’m here, I remembered,
But soon I must leave.”
It means a week
That’s just another one gone,
With an opportune chance
To pretend nothing’s wrong.

So come on, imagine,
Act just the same.
Hand me something pretty;
I’ll pretend nothing’s changed.
I’ll be your princess,
And you’ll wear your suit.
I’ll grin and I’ll laugh,
And pretend it’s still cute.

But Daddy, but Father,
But everything’s changed.
“Oh really? A present?”
But he knows what I say.
“I missed you, I love you,
You can’t do this to me.”
His smile will be empty;
I won’t cry till he leaves.

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