Chance Takers!!

January 25, 2008
By MaRissa Dodson, Louisville, KY

Chance Takers, Heart breakers, Hell raisers, peace haters,
Every year, every month, every week, every day,
Gangs, guns, death, blood!
The things we hate caused by,
the ones we love,
The hurt and pain,
And the tears that stain,
The hopes and dreams,
that are shattered away,
The brightness of day,
That turns to gray,
The love and peace that no longer stays,
The young children of god,
Who always ask "Why?"
Caused by the chance takers,
The heart breakers, hell raisers, peace haters,
And every single fighting gangsta!
What happened to the love, the peace, the hope and the mighty brave,
All of which,
Became shattered dreams, and lonesome cowards,
All because of the hateful gangs and gangsta's,
Also Known as the,

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