Mr. Drive-Me-Crazy

April 25, 2011
Mr. Drive-Me-Crazy

Everybody knows a guy that makes you want to scream.

That one person you wish you could slap, yeah you know what I mean.

For me, that guy's name is Mr. "Why are you such a nerd??"

He's the only sheep that never shuts up out of the entire herd.

He greets me everyday with a victorious "HAH! I'm older than you!"

Every time I think his immaturity has expired, he goes to renew.

What really irks me is that exasperated look,

He gives me every time he sees me with a book.

His favorite thing to do is argue.

...A game in which he never surrenders, no matter what I say or do.

For him, if it's not violent and pointless, it's lame.

Which is probably why he so loves that stupid video game.

He seems to think my name is "Little girl"-even though I keep insisting otherwise.

When it comes to sports, he always tries and tries.

Then with his homework, he magically becomes lazy.

Meet the most annoying guy in the world; Mr. Drive-Me-Crazy.

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