My Trip to Beignet Heaven

April 10, 2011
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It’s time for a midnight snack
But where should I go?
There are so many places I enjoy
In the city of N.O.
But one place catches my attention
And I admit I am quite fond
Of the famous beignet heaven,
Of New Orleans’ Café du Monde.
I walk in and place my order
Watching the beignets being made,
Hearing them sizzle as they fry
And instantly tossed onto my tray.
I sprinkle the powdered sugar
Which, of course, makes a mess.
It gets all over the table and floor
And is dusted across my black dress.
I take a bite into the beignet
And warmth is what I feel,
And softness is what I taste,
And seconds is what I crave
When I finish my meal.
Finally, I leave the restaurant
And drive home and crawl into my bed
And look back on my tasty midnight snack
And plan to go sometime again.

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