A Soldier Like Me

January 25, 2008
Fighting in wars

Having each others back

With no open doors

With nothing to lack.

Crawling on the ground.

Looking for safety

With a lot of sounds

That's going on lately.

Bam!Went the gun

Looking so scared

Praying to the Son

That he only cared.

Thinking about your family

Praying that they are okay

Thinking very carefully

While you are making your way.

"We can do this!"

Cried another guy,

" We are not dismissed

Until one of us gets shot."

Let's do team work
I know that will get us through

Let's not go berserk,

Before we end up blue.

This war is over

Hip... Hip... Hooray!

Now I am ready to go home

To share this parade.

Knock, Knock, Knock

I bam on the door.

It begins to unlock

As I count to four.

Kids jumping up and down

Glad that I am home

No one showed a frown
Because everyone had someone to hold.

People think it's easy

But it ain't

Cause a soldier like me

Don't ever say can't.

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