Mirror, Mirror (A Two Voices Poem)

April 4, 2011
“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,”

“No need to ask, I am fairest of all.”

“Will the world ever accept
my countless flaws?”

“When I stride into a room, the air shall pause.”

“Will my skin ever soften,
my hair ever sheen?”

“Ah, how lovely it is to be queen.”

“Why must the queen be
so cruel, oh how?”

“At my golden feet, my people shall bow.”

“Her heart is a cave, filled
with vacancy, just brimming,”

“Oh, where is that slave girl? My patience is thinning.”

“The floors must glow with
the morning sun,”

“Is the parlor dusted? Are the dishes done?”

“Not once was I thanked,
nor curtsied, nor paid.”

“There you are, you useless maid!

“Apologies, your highness,”

“They will never do!”

“What shall I fetch?”

“Filthy rat! That apple, would you?”

The apple is round
and shines a bright red.

“Why do I suddenly feel light in the head?”

“Excuse me, your highness,
I must continue to clean.”

I begin slipping away
then turn, when a scream

and a crash sound behind me!
My eyes widen with fright,

as the queen's last words echo out,

“Snow White!”

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