The Cold Mouthpiece

January 25, 2008
By Max Silvia, Park City, UT

He presses the cold metal to his mouth
And vibrates his lips
A noise dances from the bell of the trumpet
He begins to play notes
By compressing the valves
The sound of the trumpet lifts people to their feet
The man is captivated in the music

He starts to feel cold like his mouth piece
The tingly sensation of vibration roars through his body
He starts to shape to the tool he once played
And the cold feel of brass and metal puncture his body

The music flows within him
He not only makes the sound, he is the sound
A valve is pushed
Different tones erupt
The notes string together into a beat
He plays

And plays

And plays

He doesn’t feel cold anymore
He can feel heat
The hot air which he once gave
Is now warming him

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