Hide and Seek

January 26, 2008
By Jessie Shaffer, Springfield, OH

Everyday I face the question
am I going to make it through?
Every morning i pray that God will give me the strength
to do what He wants me to do.

Somedays I’m so low on faith,
I completely fail to believe.
I’m the only one that lives my life,
I achieve everything for me.

These are the times I need to remember
the story of the cross and death.
Surrender to myself I cannot,
for He is the reason I take every breath

Times of sadness is when I need him most,
although at time I fail to seek those He has put so close.
The ones He has sent into my life,
are usually the ones who get all the strife.

How He can love me sometimes I don’t know,
I get angry and yell but He just takes the blow.
He stands beside me without acknowledgement,
in Himself and those that I believe were Heaven sent.

In Him now I’ll put my trust,
knowing Him doing His will is a must.
I’ll knock on his door and seek to find
the everlasting love for all people that He left behind.

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