Lowering My Sword

January 26, 2008
By Jamila Smith-Dell, Cambridge, MA

I raise my sword to swing at you
But I do not move
I have been fighting you forever
I will not do this again
I will not fight like you do
I will stand tall
No matter what you do to me

You can hit me
You can hurt me
But I will not fight you

Do what you want to do
Throw me out
Like you do time and time again
If you will not love me
If you will not stop fighting
If you do not want me
I will lower my sword

The fight is over now
I will stand tall
Despite what you do to me

I came to you
Looking for love out of you
But you are nothing but hate
I will leave you
And continue my search
For someone who will love me
Despite the mistakes I’ve made

The fight is over
I am lowering my sword

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