a mother, struggling

January 26, 2008
By Cynthia Lene, Kansas City, MO

a mother, struggling
a mother who'd give her soul for my smile
a mother with no solutions
she's tired, she wishes to find her peace, our peace
a maze, dead ends in every corner
i'm angry, she doesn't deserve this
a husband abusive, unloving
a monster hanging inside me
all she knows is pain
my mother, she sheds her tears
her tears, cut into me like razorblades
the open wounds, are salted once again
i can't describe what i would give
her happiness means the world to me
she is my world
how do i survive when my world is falling apart?

i'm terribly broken
i hate this shattered feeling
whats wrong with me
i'm normal, somewhere
help me find myself
cause i'm slowly disappearing
before its too late
help me, cause i can't do this myself.

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