January 26, 2008
By Chelsea Osinski, Arlington, TX

As he sits on his bed,
there are a million things going through his head,
like if she is thinking about him,and what might happen to them,
if she though about him as much as he did her,
but he could never be so sure.
He wants her to love again,
but she only wants a friend.
She had loved so many times,
but it never quite rhymed.
He has been there for her,
but everything is becoming a blur.
He can't stand this feeling,
its like its never healing.
He can't stand seeing her like this,
if this continues, she will never have bliss.
Time is leaving,
but she is still greiving.
He can't stand this anymore,
should he shut the door?
He can't do that to her,
that would never be the cure.
So he will sit here and wait,
for her to decide her fate...

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