Dear You

April 23, 2011
By bethybird BRONZE, Palmyra, Missouri
bethybird BRONZE, Palmyra, Missouri
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a pang
a pain
what is this pain?
and what of it does my soul gain?
teardrops fall from me like rain
but i contain
i refrain

a cry
so shy
it does not fly
it's never seen this so-called sky
Why should i try?
I'm just a cry
and everyone just passes by

a thought
that's brought
on by a man
the thoughts of him to understand
my hand
is empty
on it's own
and to the world that it is shown

they point
they laugh
and never grasp
the love we have; their heads does pass
while he is far
and i am near
every thought of him i hold so dear

yes though i say i love him so
i cannot tell him what i know
i am too scared
too petrified
to show him what i know's inside
will he run?
will i hide?
how can he love me?
I'm terrified

and yet i smile at his name
this type of love i can't refrain
i love his name
his very thought
and all the happiness he's brought

this is why i cannot share
i love the fact that he is there
and if he's gone?
i cannot think
what will i do other than sink?
sink into this cold abyss
is it true ignorance is bliss?

i want to open up and scream
but i awake
to another dream
a nightmare really
it's life itself
I'm set aside on a dusty shelf
waiting to be opened up
and here he comes I'm tensing up

he pulls me from my dusty home
and opens the pages to things unknown
the pang
the pain
has gone away
but now will he run off or stay?

to all of you who use me so
to every one of you who know
that it's not me who wants to fight
or vainly say that i am right
quit asking me if I'm ok
we both know there's pain to stay
some rightly yours some sadly mine
just please quit asking if I'm fine
'cause til i know how he'll respond
I'll always feel that I've been wronged

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