January 26, 2008
By krysten first, Hampton, VA

I wake up and touch your pillow searching for a trace

of your bright smile and that's when it finally hit me

your no longer with me. In fact it's quite a while,

so as I sit here drinking my coffee where you once sat

and sipped your tea I remember of all the times you

swore you'd always love and care for me. I miss all

the times we spent together and all the times we

talked of being in this forever. Now that you're gone

it's like it was all a simple dream; a fantasy that

was so real but in reality what did it all mean? This

all goes through my head as I sit and drink my coffee

where you once sat and sipped you tea.Walking

through my mind I see you face, the "old" love of

mine. The one who once had my heart and promised

never to tear it apart made me suffer and cry 'till I

drowned within my eyes, how can this be from the one

who cared so much for me? You broke my heart but yet

it still felt for you, you made me cry but yet my

eyes smiled for you. Mixed feelings for who once had

my heart I love you so much it still tears me apart.

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