January 27, 2008
By Megan Ewoldt, Davenport, IA

The days go by
All I do is try
Try to sleep it all away
To clear the words that they say
"It won't hurt you, you'll be fine"
"C'mon just try it, here try mine"
One week later I found them there
In the clothes I always saw them wear
I tried it that one time
But by this time they had another dime
"C'mon we know you like it, it's better than the last,
You know what it does, makes you forget the past"
The heartbreaks and even harder falls
The hard times and the brick walls
The way I felt I thought I should
But at the same time I wanted to be good
I've always had a mind of my own
But by doing this my future is sewn
Then the next night they were walking home
They thought they were as sweet as a honey comb
They were so high they didn't see the car
They could hear it but they didn't know how far
All five drugies died that night
I was scared and given an unforgetable sight
It wasn't the drivers fault, it was theirs
Then everyone knew there were true cares

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