Stripped Away

January 27, 2008
I felt your presence like flickering flames,
The bittersweet spark I came to reclaim.
Smoldering gaze steadily turns,
Averted connection, the touch it still burns.

The thudding pound falls on deaf ears,
Harbors tremulous shaking as liberty draws near.
The screwed up mind ploughs through worn thoughts,
Daydreams, hopes and battles once fought.

I prayed for the days, the joy and the strength,
The distant warmth that came at arm’s length,
Would morph out of illusion and onto still bay,
Just give me the time to claim a new day.

And yet as I fall back, I feel the flames,
Dimly ebbing, begone from my pain.
Regret overtakes to risk that last glance,
Staircase to salvation embed in that chance.
A torn image etched in my soul,
The other lost half that made me feel whole.

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