When I Think Of Myself

January 27, 2008
When I think of myself,
I think of a little girl that never wants to get old.
I think of a ecstatic, upbeat, and energetic soul.
I think of my unique thoughts and opinions,
Thoughts that leave me confused,
And make me think of why I would think about that.
I think of someone who could get pretty annoying sometimes,
But you’ll always end up loving me in the end.

When I think of myself,
I think of all of the stupid things I have done,
And how I wish I could just reverse time and take back all of those things.
But I also think of a hard worker,
Who tries her hardest and gives a hundred percent.
I think of music, rhythm, and rhyme,
How it all just flows through my body,
Giving me energy to dance in circle all night long.

When I think of my life,
I think of it like I think of the world,
It keeps on spinning and never ever stops.
I think of how there is in no way shape or form ever a dull moment.
I think of all of the people that have made an impact on it,
Leaving me with cheerful and heartbreaking memories,
But either way whether it’s happy or sad,
It has made me to be the way I am today.

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