Broken Lies

January 27, 2008
By Heather Row, Dallas, TX

The haunting presence of pitch-black reasons,
To fight the way it hides the proof,
deepening meanings and unchanging seasons,
Smothers the day of unconscious truth;

Pour through the holes that the lies have made,
Into the night that corrupts my soul,
Lasting memories begin to fade,
Bring back the light, that it stole;

Peaceful silence clutches into fists of fire,
Pointing into empty space,
Destroys the subject of desire,
Infinitely leaving without a trace;

Drugged-up knowledge locked up inside,
Broke down the walls of innocence,
Convinced in sorrow that it lied,
Replaced the fall of brilliance;

Songs find me dreaming of impossible findings,
Lingering through my insane mind,
The hands on the clock are persistently winding,
Scared of the truth that I might find;

White light shines through the depths of tomorrow,
Finding out soon that the outstretched fell,
Pushing past the line of my lost sorrow,
Right past the shadows deep inside Hell;

The spirit of my past lingers through the open door,
Perpetrates the dreams, far between the lines,
Uncovering secrets pleading for more,
Suffocating shadows of untraceable signs.

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