The End-All

January 27, 2008
By David Martorana, Honolulu, HI

One million buckets of rain
On one million heads
That were turning like turnstyles
The way heads turn like turnstyles
And the plosh plosh patter patter
Went on with cold pelting dampness
And soggy garments and shiny wet hair
Which collected in pools under the barber’s chair
Mopped up like insurgencies
“It’s raining like Nam out there”
And it was
With machine gun droplets and
Warm smoke like vapor from water on radiators
But really tear gas on eyes
Burning with no gas masks
Jungles like skyscrapers and loads
Of clichés and truffles and soft things
Like the Four Seasons Hotel, five including
Firestorms of radioactive atomic ICBMs with firepower
Like fire and power that was unbelievably
Small because here we were in the Solar System
But energy is conserved said the wise man the conservation
Of energy the conservation of matter
When did it end they cried
When did it begin
Who when where in the name of the Lord
Heavenly Father end it all!
Crying crying crying tormented faces stained with brown
Sweaty tears blood sweat and tears
Until all that was left was blood sweat and tears and the end-all
And the end-all ended all ending all in buckets of ends and alls
To the point at which they forced each other
To simply pour the ends and alls out
Like one million buckets of rain
On one million heads.

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