One Long Night

January 27, 2008
By Megan Ewoldt, Davenport, IA

The star and the moon show the light
The one we laid in all that night
We thought our love would never die
For our hearts were on an all time high
Just because "I love you" are three words easy to say
Does not mean you mean it in every way
As I lay there in your arms
You don't think of the maximum harms
We thought our love would last a long time
Like a childs nursery rhyme
Listening to that sweet song
We don't even think it was wrong
I wanted the world to move slowly by
As someone sees us they had to sigh
If all the words don't come from the heart
It all turns into a not so simple art
When we sat so high on the roof
I told you then I wanted proof
I didn't want this time to be a total miss
As you leaned in for one good night kiss
Paper hearts are colored red and pink
But please remember it's just ink
Some peoples hearts are just black and cold
Others hearts just seem to be pre-sold
You seem to be just thinking of yourself right now
And all I want to know is how
You made me a promise you said you'd keep
Now as I'm in your arms I start to weep
You try to say something that is kind
As I lay here and make up my mind
As the night grew dark
I start to pick up the spark
You start to think of everything you want
Then the ideas become a haunt
My heart begins to slip and fall
But you being the formed a wall
Now I think your starting to see
Really how difficult it is to be me

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