The sky black

January 27, 2008
By alexandra anderaon, Mechanicsville, VA

The sky black
The air cold
Scared feelings
And souls sold
She lies in my arms
Of what was happening
And very scared
Was this her end?
We didn’t know
As we sat and prayed
For God to show
Why did we choose to go out that night?
We thought we’d be fine
We thought we’d be alright
Now everything’s changed
And not for the good
As her life was in danger
We finally understood
The price was too high
For a night out
We should have never made these choices
There is no doubt
Now we are stuck with the consequences
We are beginning to realize
This so called “fun” is dangerous
We are messing with our lives.
Why is it now we realize this?
As she lays shaking in our laps
That our choices can have serious effects
Not just temporary laughs.
We would give anything
To have rewind this night
Make better choices
And all be alright
But now because of our choices
We sit pouring out tears
In a cold garage
Filled with fears
God, we prayed
Now we realize
What we do is wrong
Please save her life.

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