Wait until you hear about the journey I had.

January 27, 2008
By Samantha Bergmann, Saint Mary, MO

Wait until you hear about the journey I had.
It all started when I went to the
Grocery store and an alligator the size of
A jet plane stomped in front of me. He yelled
“You, Buyer of Grocery, you will now be my food!”
I didn’t like the sound of that at all. So I said,” You
Can eat me, but first, let me go inside the grocery
Store and get a gift for you. In my country
You get a gift for the person that is about to
Kill you.”
“Okay, but make it snappy,” he said. And I ran
inside the store and thought quickly.
Minutes went by.
Later, I came out of the store with
Six gallons of milk. I remembered what I
Had learned in alligator defense class. Alligators
Are lactose intolerant. I threw the gallons of
Milk at him and he shriveled up
And died. I saved the day once again
And the townspeople worshipped me.

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