I'd Rather

January 24, 2008
By Aimee Spankroy, Brookfield, IL

I'd rather wake up in the morning with our backs to each other,
Then not wake up with you at all.

I'd rather scream at you for the dumb stuff you do,
Then not be able to talk to you at all.

I'd rather be mad at you for days,
Then not have you around to be mad at.

I'd rather burn our morning breakfast for two,
Then make a perfect breakfast for one.

I'd rather lay in bed all day with you,
Then lay alone on the couch.

I'd rather make up after fighting with you,
Then have no one to fight with.

I'd rather cry with you,
Then cry because of you.

I'd rather have you by my side,
Then not have you at all.

I'd rather leave you now,
Then be hurting later.

I'd rather hate you forever,
Then you stop loving me.

I'd rather forget who you are,
Then miss you when you are gone.

I wish I never met you,

Because now I'd rather love you forever.....

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