Time Goes To Waste

January 28, 2008
By Uswa Ahmad, New City, NY

I wandered the streets of an unfamiliar place
I was not in a hurry this was no race
I saw a man and he spoke to me
He said, “Oh can’t you see?”
He cried, “Make haste!”
“Don’t you know in this place, time goes to waste”
I was shocked to hear it, I cannot lie
The time did seem to be flying by
I said, “You must slow down!”
“I’m not from this town!”
But time showed no mercy, and it sped down the street
I couldn’t have this. I couldn’t be beat.
So I followed it down the lane
Time was to fast, and it had started to rain
It was dark, and I couldn’t see
So I gave up and fell to my knee
My time was almost up and I had failed
So I sat on the corner and wailed and wailed
When suddenly time appeared
It was actually quite weird
He told me I had been spared and he took me home
And told me that in this town, never again may I roam

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