Completley Different

January 24, 2008
I lay in this wretched bed, alone.
The doctor, oh, he sent my best friends out.
I hate him, he gives me shame, is the cause of some of my pain.
Oh, Mother, i miss you. Come to my room, won't you?
Doctor man has something to say, he says it.
My body falls limp, if anyone can imagine that.
I think, I'm supposed to cry. But i have no tears.
I think, i might scream. But i have no voice.
Doctor man, as good as the devil, says something.
A force unknown to me nods my head.
My friend's return. Of course they know what's wrong.
He put his ear to the door, that's how they know.
They see the shock, the hurt in my eyes, the absence of tears
And they rush forward.
Four arms surround me, squeeze me tight,they protect and preserve.
Four arms don't let go, hold the pieces of me together, are too good to let go.
From her eys fall the tears that should be mine.
From his mouth come the words i should be able to think.
Their hugs are warm and would be familiar, if everything wasn't,
Completley Different.

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