January 28, 2008
By Maegan Lowe, Fort Lewis, WA

All this screaming and yelling
Don’t know how much more I can take
Cold, weak, senseless
All of these words you say
On my own, all alone
I don’t know what to do
Chains beating at the walls
My voice, no one cares about
I yell, I scream
And you don’t even hear me
I bet you wouldn’t even remember me
I try to believe, try to have faith,
Try to tell myself that everything will be okay
You are taking over me
I can barely ever breathe for the life of me
Giving up everything just to please you
What does it take to make you see?
That this is killing me
What would you do if I was gone?
Would you miss me or not give a damn
All this pain…
But nobody wins
You are never wrong in your eyes
What an unlovely way to show you care
I had a dream…
You were there, so was I,
All this sh** we are going through wasn’t there
Look what we missed…
Living like this
So what can I do?
You aren’t the person I once knew
You never see the tears I shed at night
How unhappy I get, yet the smile I fake
Too preoccupied in your own life
You say you do this, do that
I’d give up everything just to get what once was back
This world is turning so cold
I look at the pain that fills her eyes
Will I have to go through that, too?
Some nights I can’t sleep at all
I feel like letting go
I’m starting to give in to old habits
But I have to stay strong, stay on my feet
They never did know…
Stop acting like everything is our fault
My body shakes as a tear falls down
I don’t want to be alone
Is this the last night feeling like this?
I know it won’t be.

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