A Humbling Experience

April 28, 2011
I wake up every morning, and look in the mirror,
I look at my face, in heart cold fear,
My conscience is speaking to me, but I can't hear,
I try to see the right path, but my vision Isn't clear.
Looking all around, in my white walled cell,
I'm locked up, sitting in jail,
Knowing my dreams, won't prevail,
But I won't give up, I will not fail.
This has been, a humbling experience,
It's made me stop thinking, so delerious,
I'm not angry anymore, or even furious,
About the entire world, I'm very curious.
The only things, I think about,
Is what I'm gonna do, when I get out,
There's a reason, for the words coming from my mouth.
My life right now, is obscured,
I can't see my future, it's so blurred.
But no matter what, I'm gonna move on,
Turn my life around, and stay strong.

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