January 28, 2008
By Casey Dupelle, Westfield, MA

I wanted someone to hold me
to tell me things would be okay
Even if they didn't know for sure
If or when they would be.

I wanted someone to look at me
then kiss away all of the pain
of the cuts I had made
And to tell me that tomorrow would be better than today
Even if they weren't definite it would be.

I wanted to feel safe,
Assured that the cuts I had made
Didn't destroy me
But I didn't get this,
Any of it, from where I should have.

She said my cuts destroyed her
She said I had no right
But then she almost ended it
After she'd lost sight

She had told me it was coming
She says so to this day
that I could have made things better
But instead I made them worse
Because I chose my life and left her
With he who'd been my curse.

Tomorrow's looking brighter
I was hugged and reassured
That things would be okay
I've given myself permission to live
and now, I'm working on the task
Called forgive

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