look at the world as i do

April 28, 2011
By melbell BRONZE, Sheridan, Indiana
melbell BRONZE, Sheridan, Indiana
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"if you fall rise agin"

Just look at the world it is fallen to pieces and everyone just ignores it.
Why do you do that?
People are dying and people are crying.
We don’t need any more deaths.
Just look around, take time out of your day from talking to your friends
And texting and help someone who is in need.
Listen to the music playing, Listen to the words
Make them mean something, the person that wrote it wanted it to mean something.
Don’t be that kind of person who acts as if everything is fine
We all know it is not.
Go out and clean up your world, don’t let it crumble right in front of you
Show others too that they should care about the world.
God didn’t make this world, just to see it just break in pieces
He made us a home and a place to live.
Become a person he wants you to become, go repay him.
Don’t just sit at home, while the world is ending slowly
Because some day you might wake up, and you won’t be at home, you will be somewhere worse.
Take a couple minutes out of your day,
Don’t be the person you want to be, just the person you have to be.
Look at the world as I do.

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the world

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