Grandma Goldie

January 28, 2008
The death of Grandma Goldie
Was a terrible one to me,
I didn’t believe it
Till one day it hit me
I started to cry
The teacher let me out
I walked down the halls
With tears falling from my face
Everyone was staring at me
Whispering to their neighbors
Saying that I was a wimp
And I probably just got yelled at
I walked into the counselor’s room
I told her what was wrong
She said that it was ok
And that it was very normal
I asked why I would be crying now
When it happened so long ago
She said it’s because
I was just so young
I was only 6
When my mom walked into my room
She said something terrible had happened
She said that Grandma Goldie had died
She said that they didn’t check the battery
That kept her oxygen tank going
The nurse who took care of her
Said she was sorry and got fired
I just hope that nothing like that
Can ever happen again

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