April 28, 2011
By Takeo BRONZE, Vero Bech, Florida
Takeo BRONZE, Vero Bech, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
What is the point of having a pau pu fruit if there is no one to share it with? Get that memorized. (adaptation from kingdom hearts)

Be gentle with this fragile heart of mine,
It has seen so much pain,
So much innocent blood being spilled around it,
But it has seen such a great love,
The love of a mother,
A father,
A brother,
A sister,
And the love from another,
A lover,
A friend,
An angel,
So please,
Be gentle with this bleeding,
Hoping heart of mine,
Love it tenderly,
Help it heal,
Let it feel love again,
So it can spread its wings,
And fly.

The author's comments:
I have a tendancy to let my emotion rule. This is a pouring out of my heart in one of my lonliest moments. My inspiration was how alone any person can feel. And how easy it is to fall into depression and how hard it is to fight your way out of it.

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